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Leisure & Tourism in Madrid (Sigüenza)

Take advantage of your Intensive Business English and General English courses to visit and explore Sigüenza

After the training sessions and the intensive learning, there should, of course, be space for some free time. Sigüenza, a medieval village declared Historic Artistic Monument, is 135 km from Madrid, 198 km from Saragossa and 210 km from Burgos. The continental climate and its 1000 m above sea level allow for a wide variety of activities. There is no more interesting place to discover than the old quarter. We list only a few very accessible gems here:

El Doncel. English training center in Sigüenza

The training centre offers a wide variety of leisure activities: Wine tasting sessions, horseback riding, hiking, mushroom picking, cooking courses and much more. Up to you!

Sigüenza Cathedral view

The Cathedral is one of Spain´s most original and beautiful. Its construction was started by Bishop Bernardo de Agén in the 12th century. The Cathedral combines Romanesque and Gothic styles. The structure blends the design of religious and military buildings from that period.

Sigüenza Castle view

The Castle has its origins in Pre-Romanesque Celtiberian times and is today a Parador Nacional hotel. It was occupied by Roman soldiers, Visigoths and Moors, before the Reconquest. Bishop Bernardo de Agén moved the Episcopal Palace to the castle, where it was fully functional until the end of the 19th century.

El Doncel de Sigüenza

El Doncel de Sigüenza or Martín Vázquez de Arce was born in Sigüenza, during the period of Spanish history when the Kings of Castile and Aragon were forging Spanish unity. His tomb can be visited in the Cathedral.