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Leisure & Tourism in Barcelona and Catalonia

Take advantage of your Intensive Business English and General English Courses to visit and explore Barcelona and Catalonia

After the training sessions and the intensive learning, there should, of course, be space for some free time. The perfect Mediterranean climate permits many different activities. No better area to discover than the  historical heart of Catalonia. We list only a few very accessible gems here:

Puig de la Balma view

The training centres offer a wide variety of leisure activities. Walk and discover the National Parks, take a swim in the pool, enjoy the spa, visit the training centre´s own medieval museum and see how earlier generations lived, participate in wine tasting sessions in the old wine cellars and sign up for a guided visit of the vineyards, and so much more. Up to you!

Montserrat view

The Monastery of Montserrat, situated in a National Park, was founded in 1025. The Benedictine community and the impressive mountain location of the cloister can be reached by cable car or rack railway.

Cardona Castle view

The Cardona Castle is one of Spain´s most important monumental sites. Founded in 1040, it was declared Heritage of National interest in 1931. While here, you should not miss visiting one of the world´s biggest potassium mines, The Cardona Mountain of Salt. Wonderful stalagmites and stalactites of pure salt wait for you inside the mine, that has its roots in the Middle Ages.

Mura and Talamanca

Mura and Talamanca: These small and charming medieval villages feature Romanesque churches, narrow streets, cosy restaurants and lazy street bars. Mura is only a 30 minutes walk away from our training house El Puig de la Balma.

Sagrada Familia night view

The City of Barcelona can be reached in one hour´s car or train ride. Needless to present this fantastic metropolis, lying at the sun-drenched shores of the Mediterranean.

Villas and river in Andorra

Spend an extra hour´s ride and you are in Andorra, THE shopping centre! But, this tiny little princedom, situated in the middle of the Pyrenees, has also a breath-taking nature, ski slopes and excellent food and wine.