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Intensive Residential Business Skills Courses in English

Business skills courses in EnglishSubstantially increase your chances to win that deal

These intensive Residential Business Skills / Business Disciplines Courses are aimed at dramatically increasing your knowledge in specific business areas in a very short time; Specific Business Skills Courses; Business Disciplines.

It is coaching at its very best. A demanding experience, but entirely rewarding.

You may need to prepare for that crucial sales meeting coming up in a near future, and brush up your Negotiation and Presentation Skills.

Do meetings you run lack direction or efficiency?... Then you may be up for a course in Productive Meeting Techniques.

Impress your clients and suppliers with a new and professional approach!

  • Three one-to-one study options available: 30 (Full Intensive) or 35 (Super Intensive) one-to-one lessons per week and, on top, 38 hours of social English and self-study. 17 (Full Intensive) or 20 (Super Intensive) one-to-one lessons per week and, on top, 21 hours of social English and self-study. Weekend intensive programmes 14 (Full Intensive) or 16 (Super Intensive) lessons and 12 hours of social English and self-study".
  • Arrival for full week residential courses is on Mondays at 08.00
  • Arrival for weekend residential courses is on Saturdays at 08.00
  • Departure for full week residential courses is on Fridays at 16.00
  • Departure for weekend residential courses is on Sundays at 17.00
  • Outside formal classes only English spoken
  • Intermediate English level or above requested
  • Individually designed study programmes
  • Due to the specific characteristics of some of the Specific Business Skills modules and the Business Disciplines modules, tailored programmes may be put together with a differing number of lessons and consequently in programme days. We gladly assist you in putting together your special Business Skills package
  • All courses totally residential